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Food and Drinks That Are Bad for Your Child’s Teeth

One of the most important things to you is, obviously, the health and overall well-being of your child. While this, of course, includes providing them with the right nutrition, making sure that they get enough exercise, and providing them with the education that they need in order to build their mental strength, it also includes the health of their teeth! Here at My Pediatric Dentist in Montrose, our job is to help ensure that their teeth are white, sparkly, and healthy. We want to do this at our dentist’s office but also want to provide you with some tips that you can use at home. In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the best and worst foods and drinks as it relates to your child’s teeth. If you have any questions or your young one is in need of a dental appointment, please feel free to reach out to us today!

The Bad List

We understand that some of the following are your child’s favorite treats, so we are not saying that they should never have them. Instead, we would just like to let you know that without moderation your child will be at a higher risk for tooth decay.

Sugary Drinks

This one should go without saying, but we’re always surprised to learn that some kids have no limit when it comes to how many sugary drinks they are allowed to have daily. Soda is obviously a big threat to the health of your child’s teeth and gums, but it is not the only drink that we recommend you to moderate. Many juices out there are packed with sugar and is not good for the teeth if drank often. We also know that a lot of children are big fans of energy drinks these days. We would really like to encourage you to watch the amount of energy drinks that your little one is allowed. After all, they’re kids! They don’t need any more energy than they already do, so what’s the point?


Acidic fruits are known to be an enemy to the health of tooth enamel, so over time, it is likely that it will erode if these fruits are eaten too often. This is especially true with lemons and grapefruits.

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Let’s face it, candy is a favorite treat for children everywhere, so it is unlikely that you’ll be able to resist giving them some from time to time, but put some restrictions in place and do not let them chow down a whole bag in one sitting. This is especially true for chewy candies such as caramels, gummy, taffy, etc. These candies are able to stick to the teeth long after the candy was eaten which causes the tooth enamel to dissolve. Try only letting your child have candy as a reward or on special occasions.

Starchy Foods

It might come as a surprise to you to learn that starchy foods such as bread, pasta, and chips are also bad for the health of your teeth. This is because the starches from the white flour turn into sugars in the body. This eventually leads to decay.

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The Good List

It’s not all bad! We’d like to provide you with a few examples of foods that are good for the health of your child’s teeth.

Nuts and Seeds

As you learned, acids are no friend of tooth enamel. Aside from having your young one stay up with their brushing and flossing, nuts and seeds are actually able to replenish the minerals that the acids have removed from the enamel.

Green Vegetables

We know it’s not easy to make sure that your child is getting the right amount of green vegetables in their system but you have to stick with it because not only are these leafy vegetables important for their overall health but great for their teeth as well. The vitamins and minerals in the vegetables help to keep teeth enamel healthy.

Dairy Products

Dairy products such as cheese, milk, and yogurt are full of vitamin D, phosphates, and calcium which is a great way to strengthen and offer protection for teeth.

If you would like any other suggestions on what foods and drinks to moderate for the health of your little one’s teeth, or are looking to set up an appointment with our pediatric dentist in Montrose, then feel free to give us a call today.

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