Little girl with pigtails brushing her teeth

Getting Your Kid to Brush Their Teeth

As any parent knows, it can be rather difficult to make sure that your child is brushing their teeth every morning and before bed each night. We’ve all done the breath test when we believe they’re lying when they say that they already brushed. More often than not, you have to be in the bathroom with them to know that they’re taking care of their oral hygiene. My Pediatric Dentist Montrose is here to help. In this post, we’ll provide you with some helpful tips to encourage your little ones to get a good brushing in! If you would like more tips or would like to schedule an appointment at our dentist office, then please be sure to contact us today!

Mom and toddler daughter brushing teeth

Start Early

It’s never too early to teach your child the importance of keeping their teeth clean and following a routine. It is recommended that you wait until they are seven years old before letting them brush their teeth by themselves, however, you’re still going to want to stay around to make sure that they are brushing correctly and for long enough.

Make it a Game

Kids love games, we all know this. And just like how we create little games to make sure that they eat their vegetables, you can do the same thing for brushing their teeth! Our dentist recommends that they brush their teeth for at least two minutes each time that they brush, so use a timer to help them hit that two-minute mark. Play their favorite song or tell a story as they clean their teeth, and offer them incentives for a job well done. This could be a few extra minutes that they can stay up past their bedtime or letting them choose the movie for the next family movie night! The main thing to keep in mind is to make brushing fun for them so it doesn’t just feel like a chore.

Choose the Right Toothbrush and Toothpaste

The tools that they use can be very beneficial in helping them brush. These days, there are countless toothbrushes out there with different themes and some that even light up or make sounds. Whether it’s a Batman brush or a Disney princess, something other than a normal toothbrush will really help them stay motivated. Toothpaste can have an impact if they don’t like how it tastes, so take them shopping with you to have them recommend which flavor sounds good. Bubblegum and cinnamon are known to be a big hit.

Be a Good Example

You are your child’s hero, and they want to be just like you. So it’s really important that you set a good example for them when it comes to oral hygiene. Make sure that you also brush for at least two minutes and at least twice a day. Our dentists recommend brushing with them so that you two can have fun, bond, and scrub those pearly whites.

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