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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Nothing melts a parent’s heart quite like their child’s smile. It can brighten up even the gloomiest day. So, it goes without saying that you want to make sure that your young one’s smile remains bright, white, and healthy! Here at My Pediatric Dentist in Montrose, we are dedicated to providing our patients with professional and caring dental services in an environment specifically designed to be fun and comfortable for them. Heck, we even have a pirate ship that they can play on! Our dentists will make sure that they do everything they can to make sure that your child’s dental health is in its best condition, but our office isn’t the only place that their dental health should be taken care of, they have to do it on their own as well! And obviously, as their parent, this is part of your responsibility too!

In this blog post, we’re going to be providing you parents out there with some tips and advice on how to make sure that your child is maintaining good oral health. It’s not hard if you just encourage them a bit! If you have any questions for us, or would like to make a dentist appointment for your kiddo, then please feel free to give us a call today!

Brush, Brush, Brush

This is an obvious one, but you need to make sure that your child is brushing their teeth at least twice a day. You need to start them on this routine early, so we recommend that they start brushing as soon as their first tooth begins to show. A great way to encourage your child to brush is by getting them a brush with their favorite cartoon character or superhero on it, and a toothpaste that they like the taste of (they even have bubblegum flavor!). Try and be with them when they brush. As you very well know, kids can be pretty crafty, and a lot of them want to forego brushing and get out and play or go jump in bed. So if you didn’t actually see them brush, then you’re going to want to do the breath test. Smell their breath and see if it smells like toothpaste just to be sure.

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Don’t Forget to Floss

This is a lesson not only for your child, but for you as well! So many people struggle with consistently flossing. It’s the main issue that us dentists see in children and adults! But you need to remember that flossing is incredibly important for the health of your teeth. If your kid makes it a habit at a young age, they will probably grow into an adult that doesn’t get in trouble with the dentist every time they go for their lack of flossing!

No Pacifier/Thumb Sucking

We know that pacifiers are incredibly helpful when it comes to soothing toddlers, but after the age of three, it becomes a hazard to their oral health. Same thing with thumb sucking. Your young child’s mouth is developing during these younger years, and constantly sucking on a pacifier or their thumb can cause damage to the shape of their mouth. We know it might be difficult to persuade them to cut the habit, it makes them feel comfortable after all, but try and do everything in your power to teach them that it’s not a good thing for them to do.

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Be a Role Model

You are your child’s hero and they want to emulate everything that you do. That means that if they don’t see you brushing your teeth every morning and night, then they’re not going to think that it’s really that big of a deal. Especially when they are very young, be there with them when they brush and floss while you do the same! This will help them get into the habit and realize that it’s just a daily thing that has to be done. Also, make sure that you are encouraging them and telling them how proud you are of them for taking care of their pearly whites.

Watch What They Eat

Yes, children sure do love their sweets, and while it’s completely fine to reward them from time to time with candy, you want to make sure that you’re giving it to them in moderation. This isn’t just a dental health issue but also affects their overall health. Once again, your children are going to want to follow in your footsteps, so from an early age you want to teach them about eating healthy. Make sure that they are eating their fruits and vegetables and avoiding sugary food.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Speaking of sugar, you also want to avoid letting them constantly drink sugary juices. Sugar is the number one cause of tooth decay, and most juices are chock full of it. Over time, these drinks will eat away at their enamel and cause a variety of dental issues. If you do let them have a glass of juice, just make sure that they rinse their mouth out with water after they are done. Make sure you don’t let them have it by their bedside after brushing either.

Consider Sealants

There are some kids that, even though they make sure they are brushing every day, are just more prone to getting cavities than others. If this sounds like your child, or if you just want to be extra cautious, then we recommend that you consider getting dental sealants in order to have an extra layer of defense preventing cavities.

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Don’t Miss Dental Appointments

If you make sure that your child is following their routine and keeping up with their dental health, then the only other advice that we can provide is to make sure that they are seeing our pediatric dentist at least twice per year! We will be able to examine their teeth and gums, clean them, and most importantly, find out if there is anything going wrong that we can prevent before it gets worse.

We know that it can be difficult convincing them to go to the dentist, but that’s where My Pediatric Dentist Montrose separates themselves from all of the other dental practices. We realized that there were not very many family dentists that tried to make their offices more appealing and fun for their patients, and we decided to change that.

You’ll notice as soon as you walk through the doors that everything has been designed with the children’s comfort in mind. From TVs above all of our dental chairs to the aforementioned but much-beloved pirate ship, it’s possible that your child won’t even want to leave and will look forward to their next visit! If your child is in need of an examination or you would like to learn more about the dental services that we offer, then please contact us today.

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