Making Trips to the Dentist Fun

If you dread going to the dentist, you’re not alone. Here are 5 things you can do to improve your dentist appointment experience.

No matter how old you are, the dentist can spark a kind of dread and uncertainty that knows no age limits. For some, going to the dentist requires mental preparation as they come to terms with the fact that their mouth will be on display, vulnerable to all the different tools and equipment that dentists have to use. One thing to remember is that it’s all in your head, meaning that dentists are trained professionals and aren’t trying to hurt or scare you. We’re all here to give you the best-looking smile you’ve ever had!

If you fall under the list of people who resent going to the dentist, hopefully, this list of ideas to make your dentist visit more fun will help mend your broken image of the dentist’s office. Set up an appointment with us today.

1. Plan a fun lunch or pack one of your favorite snacks for after the visit

Use this as a reward for getting yourself out of the car and into the dentist’s office. If you have a kid who has a favorite snack or candy, use it to motivate them to get into the dentist chair, telling them that it will all be worth the wait. In the cases where you aren’t allowed to eat or drink anything after a cleaning, either eat beforehand or plan a fun trip somewhere after the appointment.

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2. Dress up in a costume – and make sure it’s comfy

If your kid is nervous about going to the dentist, make it fun for them by letting them dress up in a costume! Letting them choose what they want to wear makes them feel like they have more control over the situation and also makes the entire experience less threatening. This method can be used by adults, but the results might vary.

3. Listen to your own music

Ask your dentist if you can listen to music with headphones while you’re in the chair. Listen to some soothing tunes to help you relax, listen to a podcast, or just listen to your favorite music as a distraction. For the best results, try closing your eyes and focusing on what you’re listening to.

4. Watch a movie during the examination

Some offices will have televisions that play a movie of your choice, but if there are no televisions, you can ask to bring your computer in, or just watch videos on your phone. This is another way to distract you from what is happening in your mouth and gives you something to listen to besides the equipment. Just make sure you’re not in the dentist’s way!

5, Play fun games during the car ride over and in the waiting room

Changing yours or the child’s mindset is extremely important. Associating the dentist with having fun is a step in the right direction and a rather easy adjustment. On the car ride over, let your child choose a song to listen to or play a game with them. Phone games, “I Spy”, and other waiting room games are a great way to turn your child’s attention away from thinking about sitting in the dentist’s chair and can help relax you.

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