Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt our feelings to know that the dentist’s office isn’t likely to be your child’s favorite place to go. Especially at such a young age, it can be nerve-wracking having someone pick and prod at their teeth, and sometimes it hurts a little bit too. As your child grows up, it is so important to ensure that they are brushing their teeth twice daily as well as floss regularly (this goes for you too, parents!). But this isn’t enough to make sure that they’re teeth are in good health and there aren’t any issues. Seeing the dentist is a must! Luckily, here at My Pediatric Dentist Montrose, we created an environment that isn’t scary, and even fun!

Your child will notice immediately when they walk in that this isn’t a usual dentist’s office. We have made sure to create an atmosphere that has them feeling comfortable and not so nervous about their upcoming appointment. Our claim to fame is, of course, our giant pirate ship playhouse! So instead of just sitting and waiting to see the dentist, they can have a blast while playing with kids their own age. Not only that, but they’ll even be able to relax when in the patient’s chair since we have TV’s above each one to help them relax!

If your child is extra scared about visiting the dentist, don’t worry! We are totally used to this and if they need your help we can perform our cleaning services while they sit on your lap. We also provide sedation dentistry to help them feel sleepy and relaxed during their procedure. Through the years of experience that we have, we have seen it all, and know how to make it a fun experience for our patients. Our staff will even tell stories or sing songs during the teeth cleaning process! We know that it isn’t easy convincing them to visit, but we promise that after just one appointment, it will be easy to convince them to visit the place with its own pirate ship and a staff that is fun and easy-going!

So stop dreading when it’s time for your child’s dentist appointment, and come check us out! You’ll be surprised to see that oftentimes the kids don’t even want to leave after their visit is over! We’ll make sure that their teeth are as healthy as can be and that they smile throughout the entire time. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment then go ahead and contact us today!