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If you have any questions about the dental services, staff, or policies at My Pediatric Dentist Montrose, don’t worry! We’ve compiled some of our top questions here. Feel free to call us if you have any more questions we can answer for you.

Do you accept dental insurance?

We sure do! We accept insurance from most major providers. We work closely with you to make sure the claim process is both convenient and easy to understand. We’ll file your claims for you as well, so you can rest assured that all paperwork has been handled properly.

Does your office work with Medicaid and CHP+?

We firmly believe that all children deserve quality dental care, regardless of their financial status. We accept Colorado Medicaid and CHP+ for your convenience. Colorado Medicaid offers an annual dental benefit of $1,000 and covers many different children’s health services, including teeth cleanings, exams, dental crowns, gum disease therapy, and more. CHP+ covers oral health services for kids for as little as $5 co-payment. It is easy to apply.

My child is scared of the dentist. Can you help?

Absolutely! Dental fear is very real, but we do our best to make sure your child is relaxed (and has fun) while at our office. With an engaging, upbeat team of professionals on our side, we make sure your experience is both memorable and enjoyable, no matter what the age of your child may be. Every child is unique, and it’s our mission to adapt to each patient’s personality and needs. We look forward to showing you what we can do to put your child at ease while at the dentist’s office!

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