Our goal at My Pediatric Dentist Montrose is to take the fear out of going to the dentist for kids. Their dental health is so important and can’t be ignored, but they also shouldn’t be terrified every time they have an appointment to go to our dental clinic. Your child will immediately notice our large and colorful pirate ship playhouse that will ease their nerves while they wait to see the dentist. Not only that, but our staff has years of experience in pediatric dentistry and knows just what it takes to make our little patients feel at ease and even have a good time. You may not believe us, but we have found that many parents have to convince their child to leave because they are having so much fun!

No matter what your kiddo’s dental needs may be, you can trust in our experienced and dedicated staff to provide the best quality of services possible. If you would like to take a tour of our pediatric dental clinic in Montrose or would like to schedule an appointment, then go ahead and reach out to us today!