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Welcome to My Pediatric Dentist Montrose, your premier choice for children’s dental care. We firmly believe in providing quality services while keeping our patients at ease, which is why we offer a giant pirate ship playset in our lobby and have installed TVs above each patient’s chair. Your child will be able to have fun while receiving the oral care they need.

Your children’s teeth, even when they are baby teeth, need to be properly cared for. Kids are more prone to cavities, which can lead to pain and complaints as time goes on. Even kids who regularly brush twice a day may still have gum disease and plaque build up in hard-to-reach spots. It is our mission to find any serious concerns and address them before they have lasting results on your child’s teeth and overall oral health.

Our goal is to make visiting the dentist and getting a clean fun! From our fun activities to our caring staff, we ensure your child wears a smile the entire time they’re with us. If your child is scared of the dentist, that’s okay! We offer lap exams that allow your child to sit in your lap for extra comfort. We also provide sedation dentistry so your child will feel sleepy and relaxed during their procedure. Finally, we are great at distracting anxious kids with stories and songs while they get their cleaning.

Get in touch with our team today to schedule your child’s dentist appointment.

Conscious Sedation General Anesthesia

At My Pediatric Dentist Montrose, we do our best to ensure every child has the best possible dentistry experience. However, we know that even the best circumstances can still lead to fear or anxiety. As much as we would love to wave a magic wand to get rid of your child’s cavities, this isn’t an option. Instead, we are happy to offer sedation dentistry and general anesthesia to help our patients.

Sedation dentistry is a great way to help patients relax while undergoing their examination, cleaning, fillings, and more. Any child who is afraid of the dentist, has many procedures to undergo, or has certain behavioral and developmental conditions may be a good candidate. Allow us to lessen their stress and make everyone’s role a little easier to manage.

We offer the following types of sedation dentistry for our patients:

  • Nitrous oxide — Laughing gas keeps your child awake but helps them relax and go about their day as normal after their procedure.
  • Oral conscious sedation — We’ll offer your child some medicine mixed with juice to make them sleepy. If they fall asleep, they can be woken up easily afterward.
  • General anesthesia — An anesthesiologist can put your child to sleep, just as they would do if they were undergoing a minor operation.

Choose the sedation method that makes the most sense for your child and their needs. Get in touch with our team today to set up a consultation to learn more.

Composite Fillings, White Fillings

Many people get a cavity at least once in their lifetime, but children are especially susceptible to tooth decay. If you child has a cavity or two, the team at My Pediatric Dentist Montrose would be happy to provide quality fillings that eliminate the problem. Our composite fillings can be shaded by our dentists to blend in with the color of your child’s teeth, allowing you to avoid unsightly metal fillings. These fillings also help support your child’s teeth and protect them from infection.

When you come into our clinic for a filling, your child’s dentist will remove all decay from the tooth. Once the tooth is ready, we prepare the filling by shaping it to fit seamlessly. This quick procedure can be finished in just one appointment with the results lasting years. If your son or daughter needs a cavity filled, it’s time to get in touch with our team! We offer a fun, relaxing environment so kids can have a good time at the dentist.

Our staff loves working with kids, and our facility shows it. With a big pirate ship playset in the lobby and TVs above each patient’s chair, we believe in helping kids relax and have fun at the dentist. Reach out to us now to schedule your child’s cleaning with us.


Injury and decay can lead to serious damage of a tooth that only a crown can repair. At My Pediatric Dentist Montrose, our team is highly experienced in assisting children and helping them feel more at ease when receiving a crown. Dental crowns, also known as caps, are used to cover and preserve a damaged tooth. This can improve its appearance and help it last for years to come. Once the crown is in place, your kiddo’s tooth will be strong and bright once again!

Complete crown procedures take two appointments with our pediatric dentists. At the first appointment, the dentist prepares the tooth and takes an impression to make sure the permanent crown fits perfectly. Then, we will place a temporary crown on the tooth to keep it safe until our lab is done crafting the final crown. At the second appointment, we simply swap the temporary crown for the permanent one and put on the finishing touches.

If you are looking for a quality pediatric dentist who can handle your child with care and compassion, look no further than My Pediatric Dentist Montrose. We would be happy to help! Schedule your appointment today to get started or simply to tour our facility. We can’t wait to see you and your little one in our office.


Some children are a little more prone to cavities than others, and that’s alright. At My Pediatric Dentist Montrose, we know that brushing alone often isn’t enough for those with oral health concerns. Our team of hygienists and dentists is proud to offer dental sealants that provide extra protection from cavities.

These sealants were designed to protect the tooth’s enamel from destructive bacteria. They are made from plastic, but they are applied with a liquid. By protecting the chewing surfaces of the tooth, the sealant can prevent food particles from slipping into hard-to-brush spots. These pits and grooves often give bacteria a place to flourish and create cavities, so we aim to seal them before they can.

In just a few minutes, your child’s teeth can be protected for years to come. Get in touch with the professionals at My Pediatric Dentist Montrose to learn more about our services, as well as what we can do for your kiddo. We will schedule your child’s initial cleaning and look for signs that their teeth may be susceptible to decay. If so, we’ll provide sealant services to help preserve their teeth. We look forward to seeing you child’s bright and sunny smile in our clinic.

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