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General Anesthesia

If your child needs a dental procedure that’s more involved than teeth cleaning or x-rays, general anesthesia can be a great solution. It provides a deeper sleep that makes medical procedures painless for patients. It also makes it easier for our pediatric dentists to work efficiently and complete the operations with excellence.

General Anesthesia vs. Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry provides lighter sleep than general anesthesia and is a good option for children who are receiving less invasive procedures but struggling with a lot of anxiety. When it comes to more involved procedures, general anesthesia can be a much better option. The key is having an expert who will carefully consider which solution will work best for your child’s unique situation.

How Do I Prepare My Child for General Anesthesia?

Usually, patients need to fast for eight hours before their procedures. This means no food or drink. If our pediatric dentists decide that general anesthesia is the way to go, we’ll give you a complete list of instructions and answer all of your questions so you can help your child feel prepared.

Is General Anesthesia Right for My Child?

Depending on your child’s medical history and the required procedure, general anesthesia may or may not be the right solution. The experienced team at our pediatric dental office will consult with you and make sure you and your child feel confident about moving forward.

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