The team at our family dental clinic are passionate about providing dental care that tangibly improves the lives of our young patients, and we’re always excited to meet new families! One of the best compliments you can give us is referring us to your friends and family. We deeply value your referral and want to show our appreciation. For each qualifying referral, we’ll give you either a $20 credit on your account or a $20 gift card to a local business. We’ll also give your referral a gift!

Rules & Restrictions
So what is a qualifying referral? A referral is qualified if the person you refer makes and keeps an appointment with us for dental treatment. “Treatment” includes teeth cleanings and exams. You can be granted a maximum of two gift cards or two $20 credits to your account per family you refer to our pediatric dental clinic.

What Is a Referral?
A referral is a patient of a family who isn’t currently part of our dental practice.

How Are Gifts Awarded?
We distribute rewards once a month! If you’ve referred a new patient or family, our internal marketing manager will contact you to confirm whether you want account credit or a gift card. If you choose to receive a gift card, you have to pick it up from our dental office within 30 days of being notified. Keep in mind that rewards can only be given out after your referral has kept their appointment.

We make it easy to refer our dental services — just pick up referral cards during your next appointment. You can also print our form and use that! Rest assured that we’re passionate about taking care of people, and we’ll do your referral justice.

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